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Maintenance and Restoration

Breathe new life into your vintage bike

An engine overhaul must be done with extreme precision and craftsmanship. The price of this is difficult to determine because the number of parts to be replaced varies from one engine to another. A normal overhaul is possible from +- 250 Euro, when more parts need to be replaced we will contact you to discuss this with the customer.

Maintenance is a term with a broad meaning, for example, an annual check up can be as little as 50 Euro. If there are any defects or parts in need of replacement then this is first communicated to the customer before further steps are taken.

Because of the extensive knowledge in the field of mopeds and motorcycles, we are always ready for all repairs or maintenance of any type or make. If you already own a vintage car and want to have it restored or overhauled, this is the right place. Feel free to conctat us if you have any questions about the repairs, maintenance or restoration of your moped or similar.

No time to stop by or you’re not from the area? No problem, we also receive your parts to be repaired or even complete engine by mail.

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