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The bike that rides by itself

In the heart of West Flanders you will find Solex Laperre. Set out with a group of colleagues, friends, family or as loved ones and follow one of our fun routes with the GPS and/or Guide.

Prefer to be a free bird? You can! Experience our beautiful region completely on your own feet (or wheels)! So there’s something for everyone.

Discover the most beautiful roads in West Flanders with a unique Solex


Tyne Cot Route

Length: 38 km
Duration: 3 hours or more
Number: 2-10 persons
With guide or map


starting at €60 pp

The Mill Route

Length: 35 km
Duration: 3 hours or more
Number: 2-10 persons
With guide or map


starting at €60 pp

Blankaart route

Length: 41 km
Duration: 4 hours or more
Number: 2-10 persons
With guide or map


Starting at €80 pp


Length: 45 km
Duration: 4 hours or more
Number: 2-10 persons
With guide or map


starting at €80 pp

Tyne Cot Route

The route follows the Ypres Salient and confronts you with a number of relics of the First World War. Dozens of military cemeteries along the route are silent witnesses to the dramatic toll of the “Great War.”

The route starts in Staden, goes to the New British Cemetery in Passchendaele. You’ll pass Zonnebeke, the British Tyne Cot Cemetery and De Oude Kaasmakerij.

On the way back, there is the possibility to stop at Hof Ter Walle where the butter and buttermilk are prepared in a real wooden churn, and you can taste that!

Fun to know: John Mac Crae wrote his war poem “In Flanders Fields” in Essex Farm Cemetery. This turned the simple Flemish poppy into an international flower of peace.

Food & Drinks:

  • De Versche Moed
  • De Oude Kaasmakerij
  • Hof Ter Walle
  • De Vijfwegen

Sights to see:

  1. Passchendaele New Britisch Cemetery
  2. Canadian Memorial
  3. Tyne Cot Cemetery
  4. New Zealand memorial
  5. De Oude Kaasmakerij

The Mill Route

The 34 km Solex route takes us to the 4 windmills that made up this route. The route is completely paved and finds its way over slightly hilly terrain so a suitable route for the solexes.

The tour includes a perfect balancebetween riding in the habitation, where a thirst quencher can be found, and riding among the cultivated fields where you can smell the fresh greens like celery from a distance. The first stop is at café and friterie Sint-Elooi.

We then move on to the artisanal brewery of The Dolle Brewers. Here it is possible to get to know The Mad Brewers and their beers a little better by scheduling a brewery visit (with or without tastings😊).

Food & Drinks:

  • Sint-Elooi
  • De Dolle Brouwers
  • Herberg de Speelman

Sights to see:

  1. Couchezmolen/ Molenmuseum
  2. Wullepitmolen
  3. Kruisstraatmolen/ De Hogen Andjoen /Archeologische Site Museum/ De Handzamevallei
  4. Brouwerij De Dolle Brouwers
  5. Vredesmolen

De Blankaart route

This renowned nature reservewith its castle park created in the last century is definitely worth a visit. To spot birds, stop at one of the bird-watching shelters.

Fancy a snack? ‘t Madeliefje is an active farm with ice cream shop. To take a break from Solexing, you can enjoy a drink and delicious traditional farmhouse ice cream in the courtyard and on the sun terrace.

Food & Drinks:

  • Madeliefje
  • Hof van Rhille

Sights to see:

  1. Vredesmolen
  2. Tien geboden (Bloemenweide)
  3. Bezoekcentrum de Blankaart
  4. Beukelaeremolen
  5. Middeleeuwse motte


The Gitsberg route describes a trip through therural area of central West Flanders.

You pass along Westrozebeke with the Pond Forest. In Staden you mount the Stadenberg. You ride through the Hoogleedse hamlet of De Geite and the border with Kortemark. In Gits, you ride over the Gitsberg, the witness hill that gave its name to the route.

The way back takes you past Hooglede with its German military cemetery.

Food & Drinks:

  • Hof van Commerce
  • De Dubbele Arend
  • ’t Motehof
  • In Den Bottel

Sights to see:

  1. Duitse militaire begraafplaats
  2. Vijverbos
  3. Stadenberg
  4. Gitsberg
  5. Getuigenheuvel

- Sofie T.

“At first I wasn’t too keen on it, thought it was like a trottinette with a motorcycle. Nothing was further from the truth, once you are riding it worked really relaxing.”

- Bram B.

“Unique experience! The gentle wind whipping around you… exploring the picturesque roads… along with the soothing hum of that solex in your ears… savoring it!”

- Matthias R.

“We are from the area but still did a lot of great courses where we had never even ridden before.”

- Jasper V.

“Good combination of sightseeing and stopovers to grab a drink. Had a great time that day, fun guaranteed!”

- Roland K.

“Just mighty! Everyone you pass gets an instant smile on their face or starts waving… the mopeds ride pleasantly and are also beautiful in color combination. Definitely worth repeating with colleagues.”