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Sale of oldtimer two-wheelers


We focus mainly on the proper functioning of the engine and mechanics, it is completely disassembled and checked so you can drive around carefree. Prices are often different and depend on several factors. A rebuilt Solex starts at around 1000 Euro. For the current offer it is recommended to visit us, so we can better speak to you and possibly a test drive.

The French icon of freedom and elegance but with a modern twist. The original VéloSolex is completely stripped, then sandblasted and treated with a primer. Now it’s up to you to choose what color your solex will shine in.

We try to offer the widest possible range of components to be personalized, this way we can make the end result radiate exactly the character you want. If you have special requests we are always willing to discuss and elaborate.

When selling mopeds, we provide ample time for the necessary explanations and instructions. One of our strongest assets is that you can also come to us for maintenance after the sale.

When you purchase a 2nd hand Solex, we give a 1 year warranty, including our full written manual which goes from use to maintenance and storage. Also for the paperwork from insurer to DIV to license plate and registration certificate we are ready with the essential guidance. This allows the procedure to run smoothly so you can get on the road quickly yet legally.

Are you looking for a specific vintage moped, scooter or motorcycle? We may be able to help you in your search for an unspoiled one. For more information on this please click here.

Expand your horizons! If you are staying abroad, this is no problem for us. We have experience in transporting mopeds to any location

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